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My Personal Odyssey Part 2

My mythic journey continues full of so many synchronicities which has led me to travel

where the ancient Earth’s ley lines converge around the world. Mostly these particular sites are also ancient pilgrimage routes connecting with the positions of the sky and certain star systems and planets with confluent intersections of these powerful ley lines.

One of my next journeys was to the Yucatan in Mexico. I had been asked to help in bringing

a group of 32 there since I had been there before.

We all were there on the Spring Equinox to witness the Serpent run down the pyramid at

Chichen Itza. What a wonderful ceremony with the native Mayan shamans and to share in there

Snake Dance. After that we all went to an awesome underground cenote called IK Kil where

I had to pay the watchman money so we all could spend the night in this massive underground cenote many many ft down.

When I climbed up to get some fresh air with two of my friends we all saw an apparition of *The

Lady. * She was young maybe 26 dressed in a bright blue skirt, white Spanish looking blouse, a scarf over her black hair with a very pensive and sad look on her face. All three of us were saying out loud Oh my God, Oh my God do you see her! We all saw the appearance of this feminine vision. It lasted a few mins, then she vanished. Wow, this feminine apparition woke me up to the fact of the feminine Lady. I had then never really considered the feminine since I was brought up in a very loose, old Congregation Church no real education on Mary or the feminine. It really struck me how the Lady was so clear to us and she had such a presence saying to us She was here in this massive underground cavern and to pay attention to her. I did feel this was a wakeup call from this Lady that Gaia, our Mother was speaking to me and that the actual Mother Goddess was calling out to the inequality of women all over the planet. Again, I did pay attention to this feminine Vision and I woke up to Her power.

Within 2 weeks from Mexico I was on a plane to Portugal going to the site of Our Lady in Fatima.

I almost could not believe my ears when my Travel Company that I worked for connected me to

this catholic family travel service which had more than the usual amount of people and important people like bishops and high monsignors as well as nuns from the Catholic Church. They needed help from me who had been involved in taking people on tours in Mexico, Europe. I was thrilled to go to another vision Lady site but I had absolutely no knowledge of the Lady of Fatima, how she appeared to 3 children and her messages to the children especially Lucia the oldest. Really, I had no previous knowledge.

In the early Protestant churches and especially the older Congregation Church it really WAS about The Christ, Jesus and the New Testament and not too much emphasis on The Lady. But the earlier Gnostics once again their teaching reverses the usual religious notion, instead of putting faith in God, Gnosis requires a realization of how the Wisdom Goddess has Faith in us, humanity. *How can we acknowledge and reciprocate this divine act of faith! By committing ourselves to achieve what can be truly, truthfully imagined, without reliance on belief,

supposition, or non-verifiable systems of description…In what might be called cosmic confidence the Gnostics seers were able to realize the faculty of the imaginative power Epinoia and distinguish it from Fantasia. * In other words, the Gnostics believed in Her, the Sophia energetics and how humanity was endowed with this imaginative power of Epinoia where one could *see her. *

In effect the Gnostic literature did not fall for the Archons/the Imitators because they did not think this in the mind.

The Gnostics saw the visions of Her through the power of Mythic Imagination which is linked to the life force.

Now in actual Fatima, Portugal we were housed in Our Lady of Fatima Dominican Convent where we were given a very small room, single bed and a closest.

The next morning, I ventured out to the grounds of Fatima where there were a couple of open cafes where I decided to have a coffee. Right away I was struck by this strong very bright light on the grounds of where She appeared to over 76,000 pilgrims in October 1917. I right away put my sunglasses on which didn’t do it. So, I went to a nearby shop and bought the darkest sunglasses I could find. Hoping that this would cut out this bright glare I put them on. Still this phenomenon of the Light persisted and made it hard for me see! This luminous light affected me throughout my time at Fatima included being in my cell/room in the Fatima Convent.

I was fascinated by Her, the Lady of Fatima and walked the whole stations of the Cross. Went up to the hills in back when she was seen by the children while they were tending sheep. I have to say that I was struck with this land, it seemed to be infused with an energy, a morphic resonance of what the children saw in 1917.

I like the analogy that the presence of the Lady was encircled in a brilliant illumined white light which was infused into the hilly grass fields of Fatima.

It was here that I psychically or intuitively knew The Lady was seen by the 3 children and that her imprint is on this land and property still to this day. Her presence and outlined form or as the ancient Egyptian say, her Ka body (spirit body) was also seen to me in my room. She came a number of times and I could see this Lady who appeared to be a Saint like woman in white linen from head to toe, her age, I say is eternal!

There was such an ease I felt on the land which is now home to a very large Basilica installed by the Catholic Church.

When I was ready to go to sleep, The Lady of Portugal as so affectionately called, came near to me and in a very soft voice said, merge with me. At first, I came close but hesitated, then she called again ‘merge with me’, so I did and after walking through her shimmering faint outline, Her Ka, I felt her Energy of light infusing me through her presence.

What this experience did for me was to connect myself to the awesome energy of the Devine Feminine.

It woke up for me my own divine feminine and shifted my consciousness more into the lightness of being!

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