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Our Magical Carpet Ride

The lessons we are learning and sharing here, we dedicate to our mothers, to honor them, and to the great mother, the divine feminine- for all of the love, protection, sacrifice, and empowerment they gave us so that we can be free, for bringing us here, being a vessel for our journey to this planet, so that we can be here now and assist our world and all who live here while we travel through the cosmos. They are here with us. As the veil lifts and we reunite with our mothers, we rejoice in love. It is the love for the mother through the heart that we embark on this journey.

We are introducing the Magic Carpet Ride. Please join us if you feel the call. We will begin slowly, clarifying our intentions, sharing the wisdom teachings as they come to us.

Bringing forth into light what is in our hearts and on our minds, inviting all others to join us on the journey. It’s the power of vast imagination, bringing “our other” into full spiritual, mental, emotional resonant frequency

Let’s switch from our adroit mind to the beating of our rhythmic heart. Let’s change our way of thinking into our way of feeling on the magic carpet ride. We take with us our memories, our wisdom, and our physical bodies. This time we will not drink of the waters of forgetfulness.

Ascension symptoms show up for us in the physical, emotional, and spiritual form. Some experience ringing in the ears, some sob in agony and in joy, some doubt and then rediscover their soul’s journey.

Our language is so important, words to express what we want and NEED to share with humanity. Bringing forth our heart’s desire and inspiring others to open their hearts to the magnificence that awaits us on this journey, this magic carpet ride.

The way we say our words. The intonation and the intention behind the words provide us with a blueprint for what we are creating. The emotion provides the momentum. The emotion magnifies the intention.

Everyone, all of us have a piece of this wisdom. We are not alone or starting from zero. Combining our wisdom gives us a more complete picture, structure as we embark on the initiation into the unknown and amazing future.

As we are traveling on the carpet, we see through the eyes of the soul. We see below us the creation of our physical world, and above us and beyond we anticipate worlds of imagination. Vast beauty and fantastic lands unknown to us until now.

The mother galaxy, the milky way, provides us nourishment for the journey.

We must leap. We can’t know until we take the first step and then jump! The ego wants to control the imagination. The imagination wants to run wild!

It’s about breaking through this reality to the galaxies, from our milky way let's ascend with our physical bodies intact for the first time in human history. Death in one form and rebirth but not on the physical level. Letting go of the ego and jumping into the next reality. The real, our real potential reality.

We are the trees. We are all connected by our roots. As the trees grow and reach further towards the celestial, yet remain rooted here. We are as well.

We are transcending this dimension along with everyone on the planet. With the planet!

Put on your flying vehicle of light, make the leap. Those who have ascended are showing us how to do this. We are taking this journey together now as a whole species, as a human race, we are one entity. With our vessel our body and our planet.

Let’s start with Ancestry.

Find our roots.

How do we accomplish this?

Now that the holidays are approaching, this is the perfect time to connect to your ancestors and our family members. This works for your chosen family or framily as well. Bring your journal.

Homework assignment #1

List all of the wonderful images you have of family, the patterns that you enjoy and want to maintain. This might shift as you continue the process but for now it is important to note these.

List all of the trauma you have suffered and the patterns that have been created or continued in your family heritage. This is what you might really want to shift and should be the focus of your work. Memory, research, and clarity of the family tree are important.

It will take some time to go through all of this process but you can start with these.

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