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The Cataclysmic Feminine Comeback

I have a vision of deep space with beautiful images of galaxies, the nebula, the planetary bodies, and the sun that were and are in direct action of our present construct and perception of this world. The fear of a comet or asteroid coming to change us and our fundamental structure into the next age, or epoch, is in no way destructive or offensive, but a necessary and natural evolution to purify the world for the next Epoch. This event is required for our Evolution, and is an event to be anticipated with great joy through the Opening of the Heart.

There was something complete and nebulous

Which existed before Heaven and Earth?

Silent, Invisible,

Unchanging, Standing as One,

Unceasing, ever-revolving.

Able to be the Mother of the World.

I do not know its name and I call it Tao or “The Way”.

From The Goddess Re-Awakening by Anonymous.

During these destructions I believe that we may have lost faith in our Great Mother and that shame and guilt overcame us where we gave away our spiritual base and power.

We are living in the galaxy called the Milky Way, with the knowledge that we still reside in a benevolent universe regardless of how it looks and feels. In the last cataclysmic event that took over many parts of our planet at least 6,000 year ago, we had to separate the pain and upheaval from our basic spirit body or Ka. Here is where I believe a miasma (trauma) was formed especially with women who questioned how could the benevolent Great Mother from the sky and the earth inflict this magnitude of destruction on us? We lost faith, we gave ourselves over to Amnesia, destabilizing us more into confusion of what the real truth is, and who we really are and where we came from. We separated from a part of ourselves which the ancient Egyptians called the double Ka. We had two Ka’s in Egyptian mythology, which means we had two body/spirits. We had this body with this particular spirit and then we had another body spirit that had to separate from our memory so that it became a distant part of ourselves or a split in our psyche. In order to reclaim that of our selves we needed soul retrieval and focused understanding that this actually happened, that part of our true self split off from our memory and that we literally are walking around half here and half lost in the cosmos. In religious mythology like the Cabala, and in the Bible and Quran (and other sacred texts) there is talk of our Mer-Ka-Ba which leads us to believe that some people like Enoch were taken up to Heaven in a flying chariot called the Merkaba. In ancient Egyptian, Mer means “heart’s desire”, Ka “double body spirit”, and Ba means “soul”. I believe this split has led to us being easily controlled because of our sorrow, confusion and trauma. We went into the dark ages not just metaphorically but in reality. Breakthrough, the movie I made, was a way to show people how we come back to love and light. Through remembering and breaking through the amnesia;

We follow this natural process of awakening our potential and purpose for NOW.

Join me for more about Opening the Heart and how this is the first step to rejoining your Ka bodies in a free online presentation in Mid April. Dates to come!

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