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The Great Mysteries Explained

The genius of Earth is essential for the symbiosis of Divine Light to be recognized by our own light within ourselves.

Our innate Heart intelligence is when Luster, becoming Light and shinning that light out is what helps heal ourselves and others who we encounter. We charge up exponentially when ‘the other’ and ourselves light up/reflect back our being from our hearts.

Years ago, I was living in Ct. going to massage school when a very synchronistic experience happened to me. It was when the Omm Sety un/publish manuscripts came into my awareness through events that definitely changed my life forever.

These manuscripts were done at the request of a famous archeologist Dr. Walter Fairservis who worked on a dig in Egypt called Hierakonpolis or Nek hen. This site is one of the oldest in Egypt where the Namer Palette dating back to 3100 BC was found uniting Upper with Lower Egypt.

Dr. Fairservis hired a woman known as Omm Sety, meaning Mother of Seti because she had an amazing love affair with pharaoh Seti Ist at the Temple of Seti Ist in Abydos, Egypt. She remembered her past life as a Priestess of Isis with healing ways passed down from very early Egyptian times called Zep Tepti. Her remembrances from her time as a Priestess of Isis in Abydos (meaning abyss in Greek) is stunning. She in this life helped the residences of Abydos with healing techniques especially through opening the heart as depicted on the walls in the 7 chapels in the Seti the 1st Temple in Abydos, Egypt.

Also, in the manuscripts I have of Omm Sety used spells to help all kinds of people Heal. Some cures were for the healing of our eyes through using the water from the 10,000 BC Osirian also on the site of the Seti the 1st Temple in Abydos.

She to my knowledge was also the first to name the Flower of Life lasered onto the wall in the Osirian.

There are so many decipherments of the early Pyramid texts Omm Sety wrote from these manuscripts. One of them are on the wall of the Temple of Seti I was the Kings List going down the from the top where the Egyptians came from. She in the manuscripts I have, drew the 5-pointed stars which was at the top of the Kings List. This is very interesting because it suggests the early Egyptians coming from our own galaxy, the Milky Way. It's important Now that we understand and embody the Wisdom teaching of these early mysteries because it ‘literally is our Memory.’ Our memory resides inour Hearts. In Fact, it is our ‘Higher Purpose’ of being human on the planet now.

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