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The Importance of the Heart in Healing Trauma Part 1

The AncestrySaRa Technique is a journey back to our hearts. In the heart, we shed the armor that separates us from our true selves, each other, and the Divine. Here we discover and join together the parts of ourselves that had been lost. It is my experience, that the divine masculine and the divine feminine comes together in a union that transcends duality and births the heirogamas, the sacred marriage.

After many millennia of collective trauma and amnesia, humans are at last waking up to who we truly are, and remembering our divine heritage. You emerge from the SaRa experience with elements of a higher consciousness and a reawakened sense of your authentic being. Heart by heart, this inner healing effects powerful transformation within ourselves, our partnerships, our communities, our nations, and our world.

The Heart is the first organ that is created in our bodies and every other part of

a human being comes from the Heart.

Twenty years ago, I was gifted a copy of an important collection of ‘Egyptian manuscripts’ from the head archeologist at Vassar. It has Omm Sety in Egypt writings too.

From these founts of ancient wisdom, I have created my own collection of therapeutic techniques used in SaRa Technique Sessions with clients.

These sessions start with the study of the person's ancestry- their DNA. Trauma from the recent times, and the distant past, can become embedded in this ancestral DNA. The SaRa sessions examine the traumas and what I call the ‘seals’ covering them as protective devices to shield one from pain and but these also cut one off from full release and healing of the trauma. When these traumas are viewed in the light of day, it is seen that in many, if not all cases, the heart has become trapped and sealed off.

The work of the SaRa Technique is to remove the long embedded seals and free the heart.

The SaRa Technique utilizes cranial sacral and polarity therapies to free up the ‘seals’ and release the traumas trapped within. When the heart is liberated your highest intentions and wishes are able to be fulfilled and a new healthy, well balanced, joyful, light being arises in its place. Every single trauma or PTSD can be transformed!

The Vesica Pisces

Did you know that the ‘heart’ in the fetus of a child makes a shape of the Vesica Pisces?

(The Vesica Piscis is a symbol made from two circles of the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the circumference of the other.) This brings the male and female energetics together, and from there, a third circle is formed moving into more circular geometric shapes.


Artistic rendition taken from of the the Papyrus of Ani from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Judgment of the Soul after Death entitled THE WEIGHING OF THE HEART.

THE GODDESS Maat holds a scepter.

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