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Welcome Message

I received Omm Sety’s un published manuscripts and her writings over 20 years ago. She has brought to me a wealth of early Egyptian healing practices and spells used still to this day in Egypt. She showed Archeologists where ancient temples were, deep under the sand and talk has it that she was never wrong. She was a repository of Early Egyptian spells, cures, folktales and customs which she remembered from the time of the pharaoh Seti I. I look forward to sharing her message with you. Firstly, I must tell you that I have been initiated by Sekhmet as well as Isis, Maat and Hathor. The purpose for my own initiation with Omm Sety, and for all of us is:

  • To awaken our’ divine intelligence’ and become ‘fiercely Compassionate' with ourselves, our communities and our universe.

  • To open our memories up by transforming old patterns that no longer serve us so we flow with the natural rhythms of grace!

  • To explore with Excitment and curiosity the real truths of Egypt and for us to 'wake up' from any personal & trans personal amnesia.

  • To connect to the wonders of our Milky Way Galaxy as well as the rootedness of our trees!

  • To Have lot’s of fun, creative experiences, understand the real anthology of Egypt’s mysteries and how it has changed my life through opening the seals to my heart.

The ancient mysteries were a place where people of all walks of life gathered to go through healing initiations to reach the utmost 'awe' of life and the eternality of the here after. Come with me on this journey, integrating the past, making it relevent in the present so that we will transform our futures. My practice for the day: I communicate clearly with myself and others, the promises that I have received and how they have changed my own miasms (trauma that was never dealt with). I choose to overcome the 7 deadly “sins” of gluttony, lust, wrath, slothingliness, greed, envy, and pride. The patterns in each of us can be transformed through awareness, becoming fiercly compassionate about our transformation towards freedom. To achieve internal freedom, so the messages that the universe has to offer will clearly reach all of us. What this means is I am free to be the person I came here to be and have the courage to speak my truth. The things that have kept me from meeting my potential, I release those now, and I hope you will join me. Stay tuned...

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