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Ancient Egyptian Mysteries of Light and Love

This morning I awoke feeling full of grace. I want to share this joy with others who are ‘Dancing on the Milky Way!’ Omm Sety has taught me so much about ancient Egypt and how the early Egyptians were consciously in synergy with the Milky Way galaxy; they called her the Goddess Nut who was the mother cow providing life-giving milk to her children. Geb was the Earth God who received these blessings and gave back to her in an eternal cycle, the Great Round.

The ancient Egyptian mysteries are all about the ‘light.’ Seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and knowing we are the ‘light’ by using all of our senses we put into play and merge with ‘epinoia’, the divine imagination in us and in all of nature!

To start off today I put my left foot forward, (the side of the heart) and decree ‘I am the light.’ ‘I am the light’ I am the ‘light.’ I use both hands up raised to the Sun as I’m speaking out loud, “I am the Light.” We can say it all throughout our day, making it our mantra.

There is a beauty and power of moving forward into the light knowing that we are guided to honor the Central Sun!

Omm Sety knew that the archaic Egyptian Mystery rites were all about honoring the Sun, which is depicted as Horus the divine child who’s parents were Isis and Osiris. She also knew that the Earth which was Geb in the Egyptian pantheon was also key to the marrying of the Earth and Sun because they work in synergy.

I remembered upon awakening this morning that the early Egyptian or Sumerian words Sa and Ra are the perfect lesson for today. Sa is feminine and is the substance that holds our universe together. It is the love from our hearts to embody ourselves first from within. We use the’ Sa’, the love glue, to surround all parts of ourselves. The Ra is in early Sumerian ‘the Light’ that radiates out to all from our central Sun. We are to embody that light first within us as well. When we bring together our Sa, our love directed first from within and add Ra (the light within us) we are taking conscious action by combining these elements, becoming true Alchemists!

As we invoke the light to radiate inside of us and the Love to protect our light we are co creating with the divine intelligence. This is Allowing more neuro pathways to radiate out with our love. Now we are ready to put this small process into action:

First, put your left foot forward (the side of your heart) and say to the universe ‘I Am now bringing my Sa, my love together with the Ra, The light to encompass your whole body in every dimension. With the Sa love and Ra light, use your hands to slowly go over your body, speaking ‘I am the light!’ Then you can move your foot to the right and say Sa, I am the Love, then say Ra, I amThe Light. You can now direct yourself with your hands to the Earth ‘I am the Love that enables the Light to be brighter within me. I am the Sa love that holds the light, Ra to encompass all things. When you do this small practice/meditation throughout the day it takes you into a numinous dimensional realm.

When we take the first step forward and declare ‘I am the Light”, new passageways open up in our body, mind, spirit and emotions. When we take that first step and declare to the universe, when we say I Am the Light, others will feel it too. This immediate action connects you with all, the luminous divine intelligence. When we consciously connect ourselves through this process we acknowledge that our Sa is allowing the Light to get brighter. We are dancing with all that is. And it’s fun, too!

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