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My Personal Odyssey Part I of 4: Opening the Seals to My Heart

I am lovingly going to take you on a journey of connection to love and goodness with

opening the Seals to the Heart. It all began with my brother getting stabbed in the Heart, going into a coma for over 2 and a half months.

This incident was the real beginning of me focusing on the trauma and unwanted violence. A

stabbed heart was the impetuous to me opening my seals to the heart so my love and memory

could flow freely to my loving brother. The Gnostic s called this ~ Divine Imagination~ in which

I did connect to Nature, using the Natural Rhythms and putting our human potential into action.

The Gnostic s called this ~~~~Epinoia~ knowing the illumined teachers of the Mysteries realized

that humanity is divinely provided with biophysics powers. I found out shortly that my brother

and I had connected with this divine faculty and realized we were in tune by opening up

the glue that holds all things together, Love. It was an amazing journey that defies all of what

we were taught because my brothers flat line consciousness did not prevent me from knowing

exactly what was happening to him 3 hours away.

I knew then that the real Gnostics were right, our human potential is vast and connected to

using our psychic, reflective powers. These gifts originate in the divine, superhuman realm

and they are ~installed~ in the human organism. We could say more succinctly that these powers are in our DNA, our human genome and it gets activated by opening our heart, through love.

Our intuition together was definitely activated by this ~divine intelligence. Since I knew what my brother was saying to me, he wanted out of his body, it was too far gone but yet he had a very

clear consciousness regardless of his Cambridge flat line. In fact, he and I his sister because of our love for each other were tied into the same consciousness and he was doing this with having a Cambridge flat line brain wave that was supposedly dead, no activity. This kind of psychic, telepathy was happening to us for a little less than 3 months. I was living 3 hours away in Greenwich Ct. but I knew what was happening to my brother in a hospital in Providence Rhode Island. This kind of activity viewed from my good friends thought that I was still in shock! In other words, kind of crazy because it was not acceptable with our general mass consciousness thought forms. There was a cap on consciousness with our collective rules of what can or can not happen with their laws and science bias we are all to follow as sheep.

When he finally had his wish, he died and that night came to me in his Ka body (spirit). It was an

awesome vision for me especially when he showed me he could fly anywhere in the Milky Way

galaxy. This outline of my brother in his underwear connected later when I would be gifted with the early Egyptian Mysteries of Opening the Heart by Omm Sety's manuscripts another synchronicity.

He told me how happy he was to be set free & how much he loved me. The odd thing was

we took him off all machines and did not know when he would die. But this experience around 2

in the morning, Thanksgiving night was totally real, little did I know my brother actually died

at 2am but when the hospital called the next morning around 7Am and told me he had died exactly at 2am I knew for a fact that he did appear to me.

It is really funny how I was in spired a few weeks before my brother was stabbed to use

my automatic writing skills which told me basically this death was going to happen. Right here this shows how powerful the unconscious is. A reminder to all the readers to use tools and methods that will get you into the un consciousness.

My mythic journey continues full of so many synchronicities which has lead me to travel

where the ancient ley lines converge around the world. Mostly these particular sites are also ancient pilgrimage routes connecting with the positions of the sky and certain star systems and planets with confluent intersections of these powerful ley lines.

Up Next in Part II: My Journey to The Yucatan, Visions of Fatima, and more Unsealing of the Heart

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