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SaRa Odyssey

The Egyptian names SaRa is combined into two. One is the familiar, masculine God, Ra. The other is just as prominent and less familiar, the feminine God, Sa.

Ra is one of the ruling Gods in Egyptian mythology. He is commonly called the sun god because, as a major deity, he is primarily identified with the midday sun. He is sometimes merged with the God Horus and is associated with a falcon or hawk. He represents the power of the masculine, celestial energy.

Sa represents protection to the Egyptians. This protection is represented by Wadjet, the name of the cobra that surrounds the sun on Ra’s head. Therefore, it is appropriate to call Wadjet, “Sa” because she represents the protection available through the power of the feminine, earthy energy.

Hence SaRa means protection of the feminine kundalini and the messengers of light. Protection, allowing the sacred marriage of the male magicians with the fiery serpent goddess who is alive, she brings the universal energy of light. The protection is so this metamorphosis/transformation can happen now.

Because Ra is such a prominent and well-known God, there may now be a temptation to think that the SaRa Technique is all about Ra and, there is some truth to this statement. Ra had a unique source of power that allowed him to grow from a midday sun God to one who ruled the heavens, ruled the underworld, and had the ability to create life itself. This source of power is what we use in the SaRa Technique to bring healing to the heart.

What is the source of Ra’s ever increasing power? It is Sa, or Wadjet, the cobra that surrounds the sun on Ra’s head. As I said, Sa is the source of Ra’s ever increasing power. This is only partially true. It is more accurate to say that Sa’s presence allows Ra to experience his power.

Sa represents what some cultures call kundalini energy. This energy originates within the sexual power of the individual and many religious institutions designate this energy with the image of a serpent. kundalini energy may be used for many things. Some people use it for sexual excitement. Some use it to accomplish other physical tasks. Still others use it for spiritual power.

Many spiritualists believe this flow of the kundalini goes through the energy centers of an individual and comes out through the third eye and crown as a spiritual connection to the Divine. In fact, it isn’t much of a stretch to look at the cobra in the images of Ra and see that it represents energy coming from the third eye, located on the forehead of Ra.

I’ve discovered that most people have difficulty using kundalini to connect with the Divine because, as the energy moves from a person’s sexual center to the third eye and crown, it encounters a blockage at the heart. This blockage is always in the form of a miasm.

The SaRa Technique removes these miasms by using the feminine energy of the Sa to clear the path, so the masculine energy of the Ra can flow freely. This combination of both energies, perfectly balanced, allowing the Shakti to flow and participants to experience literally the power of both the God and the Goddess.

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