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Synchronicity Abounds: How I came to the Omm Sety Manuscripts

It’s a fascinating story of synchronicity how I came to the manuscript of Omm Sety. It was through a renowned archaeologist/Egyptologist by the name of Dr. Walter. Little did I realize how often I would hear this name.

When I was in massage school a fellow massage woman was working on me and said OHHHH I’m really getting Egypt, and she had just read the book ‘In Search of Omm Sety’ and told me that I must read it and handed me her copy. That night, my son and I went to a video store where I had never been and the man behind the counter said OHHHHH you’re here about Egypt, but I said no I’m here because my son is looking for a video. The video store clerk said that he was a portrait artist and there is a family who he just did a portrait for who I need to contact and he gave me a piece of paper with an address on it. So the next day, I took out the book’ In Search of Omm Sety' and on page 54 there was a footnote that said that the unpublished manuscripts were in the possession of a Dr. Walter, in the next town over. The next day I found a crumpled note in my raincoat that I forgot was there, and it was the name and phone number of Dr. Walter, the renowned Egyptian Archaeologist who the video man told me to contact! The synchronicities kept showing up!

So I contacted him after a couple of weeks and went to his house and he talked about the manuscripts of Omm Sety and how he felt that I was like Omm Sety because I seemed to have that psychic ability. He said I was the perfect person to read the manuscripts. I didn’t take the manuscript at this time and then moved to the Southwest where I was going to graduate school.

So a year or so later I was with my Jungian therapist getting my graduate degree in counseling. I had to see a therapist because I was getting my degree in therapy, and it was required. She said that I have so many synchronicities happening around me, that she referred me to this palmist she knows, for more answers about what I was experiencing. Shortly thereafter, I went to see the palmist, who looked at my hands and saw I had some unfinished business from my past and recommended I return to where I grew up. She continued by saying there’s something mystical in my palm and she thinks it has to do with the ancient mysteries. During this time I had a son and we built an Earth ship in NM, and the only thing I could think of was the Omm Sety manuscripts and Dr. Walter’s family. The whole thing was becoming surreal at this point. I flew back to Dr. Walter’s home and was given the manuscripts to read and go through and so I did. I took them back to Santa Fe, and had a yurt built for a space to retreat, read and study the manuscripts, and to have women’s groups. The man who was building the yurt was so interested in how enthusiastic I was about the project. I told him about the manuscripts and he said that he had a teacher at Vassar who was a great teacher, inspiring enthusiasm, and he said his name was Dr. Walter. I was like, are you kidding me!

So I became very good friends with Dr. Walter and his family. I helped mentor one of his daughters when she was in TCM school for acupuncture. So I studied Omm Sety’s manuscripts while going to grad school for 2 years for a PhD and Doctorate in Spirituality. Around that time, in the year 2000, I went to Egypt again. Even Abydos which at the time was difficult to get into. I met Horus who lived in Abydos, who was saved when he was 4years old by Omm Sety. I don’t know exactly what she did to heal him, but the synchronicities kept going on. It was a few years later that I decided to go to Connecticut and return the manuscripts to Dr. Walter. After 7 years I felt I had enough, and I was done!. During this time I had a friend in Scotland who I went to see after I released the manuscripts. After a year or so, I moved back to the states, and hired a woman from a friend’s recommendation to help me with filing papers and general organizing since that wasn’t my forte. I went to the garage to see if there were more papers to organize that I brought back from Scotland, and I looked down in this box and yelled WOW that’s Crazy! Here’s another copy of Omm Sety’s manuscript! Just then, my helper started screaming about how amazing Omm Sety was and how she was the most important person in her life, and Omm Sety really impressed her so much that it actually changed her life. She was struck by the knowledge of someone out there that could break through the barriers of what we know and understand about time and space. My helper was in Luxor, Egypt, because her father was associated with the Chicago House and she happened to be there in time for Omm Sety’s birthday. All the Egyptologists who hired Omm Sety to show them where to dig were celebrating with her. According to my sources, when showing these Egyptologist where to begin their excavations, Omm Sety was never wrong!

The woman I hired said that it was the highlight of her life. She was so taken by Omm Sety’s knowledge, healing abilities and wit, and was impressed how clairvoyant Omm Sety was.

This last synchronistic experience told me that I HAD to go deeper into studying these manuscripts- to draw from them all the healing wisdom that this great woman shared in her writings, of which there were more than six hundred writings. Her accuracy is astounding and her commitment to recalling the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries is unparalleled.

In these last few years, Omm Sety has come to me so clearly that I have been able to channel her. Her message is of love and transcendence. It is the story of the heart, that the heart never forgets love. Love is eternal.

I have written down and recorded these sessions so that others may experience the incredible breakthroughs I have experienced from Omm Sety’s wisdom. I look forward to sharing all that I know about Omm Sety and Egypt with you during our expedition to Abydos in October 2021. In the meantime, I will be hosting seminars, heart opening sessions and the SaRa technique that I developed through Omm Sety’s teachings.

Thank you and Many Blessings,

Rev. Merlinda Arnold

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