Welcome & Blessings

Welcome to The Sacred Way. I am your hostess, Merlinda Arnold. As we Dance on the Milky Way together or apart, these times call for the soul's awakening. As your guide, I will assist you on your journey. Whether you choose a Tarot Reading, Celestial Ancestry, or Sa Ra Heart Opening Technique you will gain wisdom into your own heart's desires. 

Countdown To Egypt

The Wisdom Teachings of Omm Sety


Day 1: October 27th 2021
Arriving at Luxor.


Day 2: October 28th
Visiting the Valley of the Queens, especially the Tomb of Nefertari. Visiting of the Valley of the Kings & Hatsjepsoet temple.


Day 3: October 29th
Visiting of the Karnak temple especially the little temple of Ptah and Seghmet. Visiting of the Luxor temple.
On our way to Abydos.


Day 4 until day 7: October 30th until November 2th Four days.
While staying in the House of Life we will experiences:


*  Visiting the Sety I temple


*  The Ramsess II temple


* The Osireion


* Meditation sessions


* The House of Life & the Omm Sety’s teachings


* Healing voice sessions


* Sound meditations


Day 8: November 3th


By train to Aswan. In the afternoon sailing on the Nile.


Day 9: November 4th


To Elephantine Island to visit the temple of Khnum.


To Philae Island to visit the temple of Isis


Day 10: November 5th


By bus to the Temple of Horus in Edu. By bus to the railway station to travel back to Abydos.


Day 11: November 6th


Visiting the monastery in Nag Hamadi....


Day 12: November 7th


Visiting the beautiful temple of the Goddess Hathor in Dendera. The temple of the divine sacred temple dance - the divine sacred music – the divine sacred songs and the divine sacred feminine energy.


Day 13: November 8th
We will take our rest. We sharing our experiences. We will close our stay in Abydos.


Day 14: November 9th
In the early morning morning to the airport

Double room: € 3250, - or $ 3943, - USD

Single room: € 3595, - or $ 4363, - USD

The nineteen days tour:

Day 14 November 9th:
Early morning on our way to visit Toena el Djebel & Achmoenihien. Continue to El Minya


Day 15: November 10th
Visiting of Tel El Amarna to do the Sa Ra Ka meditation. Back to El Minja


Day 16 November 11th
On our way to Cairo


Day 17 November 12th
Visiting of the Pyramid & the Sphinx & Sakkarra


Day 18 November 13th


Visiting The grand Museum.


Day 19 November 14th
To the airport

Double room: € 4750, - or $ 5730, - USD

Single room: € 5130, - or $ 6190, - USD

Or taking the two optional days longer. The 21 days tour:

Day 19 November 14th
Visiting the red pyramid and the buckling pyramid


Day 20 November 15th
Visiting the grand museum


Day 21 November 16th
To the airport.

Double room: € 5200, - or $ 6545, - USD

Single room: € 5620, - or $ 7055, - USD

The fee includes hotel accommodation, breakfast, lunch, diner, activity program, transportation belonging to the program, tickets and tips for the temples. 


Not include in the fee: The airplane ticket, visa, optional wellness and healing treatments, Covid 19 tests.  

Omm Sety's Egypt (A Film)