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Welcome & Blessings

Welcome to The Sacred Way. I am your hostess, Merlinda Arnold. As we Dance on the Milky Way together or apart, these times call for the soul's awakening. As your guide, I will assist you on your journey. Whether you choose an Intuitive Tarot Reading, Soul Coaching, or Ancestry Sa Ra Heart Opening Technique you will gain wisdom into your own heart's desires. 

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Introducing Tune Up! Higher Frequency Solutions for Midwives & Mothers
by Rev. Dr. Merlinda Pillsbury Arnold & Juanita Michelle Gober, LM, CPM


Need a Tune Up? You are in the right place. This book is filled with techniques and positive, compassionate solutions to raise your frequency & vibration. If you are a Midwife, looking to improve your connection within yourself and your clients, this book is for you! If you are a Mother who wants to connect more deeply with yourself and create the family life you desire, look no further. We hope you find the healing you seek within the pages of this book. Blessings!

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Omm Sety's Egypt (A Film)

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