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You are being called! 

The extraordinary heights to which you can go are making their way to your consciousness now. Following the path toward this unfolding journey of your Awakening.  Are you prepared for the unsealing of your heart, revealing the fullness of your soul’s purpose?

Weighing of the Heart


In 1250 B.C. the Papyrus of Ani was created in the form of a scroll about the afterlife, where the heart is weighed.

If the heart is as light as a feather, the soul will ascend to Amenti, or Paradise, where there is no animosity or hatred. On one side of the scale, the feather is MAAT, the Goddess of Truth, Justice, and Love. On the other side is the heart of the person being judged. If the heart is heavier than the feather of MAAT, the person who is being judged will be eaten by Sokbet, the Crocodile. This brings a new incarnation into being to practice what they failed to learn in their previous incarnation.


A Prayer to Paradise


“My Heart, my Mother; my Heart, my Mother. My heart whereby I came into being. My Mer, the heart’s desire. May nothing stand up to oppose me at my judgement, the weighing of my heart on the scales. May there be no opposition to me in the presence of the God Osiris (the King of the Dead). May there be no separation in the presence of Osiris that keeps the balance. Keep my Ka that dwells in my body, keeping the spirit alive. Keep my Ba (soul). May I come into the place of happiness, Forever, into the place of Amenti.”

SaRa “Heals the Trauma That Traps the Heart”

SaRa uses “source energy” to transform any blocks that have formed over the energy centers of the body. The ancient Ones called it: “The Raising of the Djed”. Here the feminine principle of Isis is used to raise the male life force energy of Osiris up the vertebra of the spine so that the harmonics can flow between them. 

-Merlinda Arnold, your Guide




We are calling you to an extraordinary adventure into the depth of Omm Sety’s teachings. There is a call to know more about the ancient wisdom teachings that Omm Sety wrote down, that I have been the keeper of. It is a full experience of her spirit and wisdom teachings. The teachings, yes, they are old, but they are so pertinent and necessary to the awakening of the heart. You are awakening your own wisdom from these teachings. You will know what to do.


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