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Ancestral SaRa Technique

Achieve a loving, purposeful life and look forward to future prosperity, good fortune, and great Love with my Opening of the Heart Life Coaching Sessions.


Specially tailored to your individual needs this method of counseling draws upon my Ancestry and ancient Egyptian Healing Techniques to bring clarity of purpose, removal of blocks, and most importantly, an opening of the heart center, so that your most beloved wishes and intentions motivate, energize and move you forward-courageously-into your boundless future!

Identify your current situation and explore where you really want to be. Find solutions to manifesting your most important needs and desires.

I believe you are the Director of your Life and have the strength, power and courage to uncover your true Passionate Purpose. Opening of the Heart Life Coaching Sessions do that quickly and purposefully.


Using multiple modalities such as Solution-Focused Therapy Intuitive Tarot Mythic Life Story exploration and Creative Visualization together we will unlock your true potential and your destiny. This is a fun, imaginative journey to your Heart's desire


And, it is my intention to have you well on your Soul's Path, accomplishing your goals as quickly as possible.

Free Consultation. 3 Sessions $699

(Plan for each session to be 2+ hours) 

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In the chapel of Sety, Isis is opening the mouth of the Ankh. She is using the universal symbol of the Ankh of life to initiate Sety I into a state of transcendence leading to Amenti or Paradise. 

The SaRa Technique opens the seals to the heart, so that the universal energy of the Ankh can be available to the soul in order to reach Amenti. It is the natural law of love, the eternal life. This ceremony is the catalyst to the opening of the heart- the SaRa.

Sa Ra Demonstration
The first video is a very brief demonstration of the SaRa Technique. Please expect your first session to be approximately 2 hours in length. The second video is a discussion about the mini-session.

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Explore and discovery your ancestral roots with your Celestial Ancestry. The ages long past held the secret of observing the natural rhythms of our Mother Earth. As such, we learned instinctively that we were these rhythms of nature.

  • Open up to a fuller perspective of your ancestral roots discovering behaviors that might not resonate with your inner core.

  • Fortify any attributes in your family lineage that give you joy and you want to emulate.

  • All of this will help you open up stored memory in your heart so you become more aware of who you are, taking you into a more open loving heart space

Individual Session $199

(Expect 1 1/2 hours)

Go Deeper! Get on your Souls Path. Find your purpose and do it.

7 Sessions $1300

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Mystical Magical Tarot Readings

Deep insights and profound realizations await you when Merlinda interprets your cards. An adept reader with years of experience, Merlinda draws upon a broad base of occult arts and counseling skills to crystallize your reading into a totally individual and holistic picture, carrying the answers to your deepest desires.


Spirit Quest Reading $60 (30 minute)

-Awaken Your Hearts Desire Reading $125   (1 1/2 hours)

-In Depth Reading, Detailed summary and photo of your cards $250

(2 1/2 Hours)

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